The Real Hustle

The Real Hustle

Feb. 09, 2006
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The Real Hustle is a BBC television series made by Objective Productions and written by Alexis Conran and Paul Wilson. The show demonstrates confidence and magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets performed on members of the public by Conran and Wilson with « sexy swindler » Jessica-Jane Clement. From series 10, entitled « New Recruits », Jazz Lintott and Polly Parsons joined the hustlers.

Several episodes of the series state that all marks have been genuinely hoodwinked, and that any money lost is returned to them after filming. The BBC’s website states that « The marks featured in the show have no idea they are being scammed. They have either been set up by friends and family or think they are taking part in a different TV show. »

Following the conclusion of series 11, presenter Alexis Conran tweeted that there were « no plans for season 12 », suggesting that the show would not be renewed.

The Real Hustle
The Real Hustle
The Real Hustle
Titre originalThe Real Hustle
Première date d'airFeb. 09, 2006
Dernière Date de l'airMar. 30, 2012

Seasons and episodes

1Saison 1 Feb. 09, 2006
2Saison 2 Sep. 07, 2006
3Saison 3 Mar. 15, 2007
4Saison 4 Jul. 30, 2007
5Saison 5 Feb. 12, 2008
6Saison 6 Oct. 09, 2008
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